Feelings for one of my best friends

Today I woke up next to the one I love. I need to stop pretending that my feelings are for someone else. I was so happy. When I saw her neck in the morning, I lit up myself. The true smile just didn't go away.

The most secure feeling I have ever felt washed over me when my nose picked up her scent. This calming, soothing, secure and sweet scent really felt right.

May sound cheesy but it's true.
Our bodies so close it's like glue.

She is the only one I would marry in an instant, faster than anyone can say "I do".

This night I dreamed about us living together, in a villa somewhere. We had one dog and two cats. I have never dreamt a better dream.

She has been on my mind every day for like two weeks.

I love her so much it accually hurts.


Been a while.

Anyway, I bought this awesome DJ mixer NS7FX from a friend. It's so fun to play with. I haven't had this much fun in ages and years! It feels very nice :)

So, I will try to ressurect this blog. Seeya laters!


CONQUER THE WORLD, Heaven and hell

Learn your way and learn it fast, because you are gonna' need it.
This is a sick fucking twisted place we live in,
But also the most beautiful and harmonic place to ever exist in,
This is heaven and this is hell,
You better just ring the fucking bell,
To your own heaven and hell,
Just ring on the cell,
Take it to hell,
Your cell,

Found a nice webmaster tool

Webmaster tool for user feedback:

Perfect, creates a simple survey insite "popup" with a survey the user can either do or cancel.


Learning, Learning, Learninig, Learning!

Im continously upgrading my skillset from good to better. That's a nice feeling.


Hospital is fun... Actually

I learn so much here. As I am around people with different problems I learn about my own problems too. A kind of silent exchange on how to handle life. It's very nice, and I feel safe and at rest here. Unfortunately I have to take pills. I fhekken hate pills.

I play around a lot with different decks of cards. I constantly train my skills & brain. I havent yet started he muscle training program, but soon. I am confident i have tapped into the matrix now :) I have tuned into my frequency here on gods green earth. I also started reading the bible the way it is meant to be read, bit by bit, not from beginning till end, but verse by verse. And everything will solve in the end.



I learned how to speak the universal language of frequencies and tempo for about a week ago. Guess what unlocked that part of the brain for me!